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This is the second book I’m working on in the series.  A Matter of the Mind was created because others believed there was a story to tell off the small short story I posted in a writer’s group.


She walked with power and grace amongst the people in the club.  The sight of the temporary collar around her left wrist was a signal to all.  She was on the hunt.  All knew her as Mistress Alexis.

Alexis scanned through the crowd, trying to spot her next partner.  Eyes homed in on a young woman dressed in a business suit.  She recognized her.  It was Evangeline, her secretary, but that wasn’t possible, Evie wasn’t into the female scenes or any others.  She watched another woman kiss Evie before the young woman pushed the aggressor away.  This Alexis found this exciting.

Alexis was an unashamed sexual being like so many.  With so few unattached males left in the world, she knew you either enjoyed your own sex or toys.  Unless you liked the Dom clubs, there males could do with you as they desired, but she wasn’t into that stuff.  She liked her dominance over others too much.  She moved up behind Evangeline, others fleeing from her.  She pulled her flogger from her belt.

“You are a naughty little girl, aren’t you?” Alexis asked.  The pommel of her flogger touched beside Evie’s chin and gently turned the younger woman to her.

“Oh, shit,” Evie replied, slowly staring up, she knew instantly who this was.  The medieval leather strip skirt, thick belt with scary things and black corset only made her height and build more imposing.  “I’m sorry.  I’ll leave.”

Alexis shook her head, “NO.”

“I’m sorry, Alexandra…”

Alexis popped the falls of the heavy flogger against Evie’s heavily covered breasts.  The young woman’s screamed louder than those in the play area.  It wasn’t even a true hit, only the lightest of taps through three layers of fabric.

“My name is Alexis, when out of the office,” Alexandra Henning stated, eyes locking with Evie’s.  She observed something in those eyes as Evie trembled, something she wanted to enjoy.  Dreams of this little bitch squirming under her control had haunted her since that first day at the office.

“What do you want of me?” Evie asked, her eyes beginning to tear.

“I want all of you:  body, mind and soul,” Alexis replied, lowering the flogger and hooking it to her belt.  “I think we should talk and get to know each other better.  Maybe have a little play time even.”

“I’m not sure,” Evie said, backing up to the roped off play area of the club.  “Please, I only wanted to explore the club.  I didn’t know you came here.”

Alexis observed Evie, pressed against the velvet rope realizing that there was no escape.  The tears that fell spoke more than words while watching Evie sink to her knees.

“Ahhh, that’s my good girl,” Alexis said, pulling the temporary collar from her wrist and placing it around Evie’s delicate neck.  “You are under my protection now while here but also my rule.  What do you say?”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Evie replied casting her eyes to the floor.  She stared at those six inch platform demon hoof boots and shuddered.

“That’s a very good girl,” Alexis stated, watching Evie rise by the gentle pressure of her fingers beneath her chin.  She grabbed the thin tie of the business suit and pulled as she walked.  “Come.  I’ll get you a little something as we talk.”

The tie was suddenly pulled from her hand.  Alexis turned.  Another had taken it from her grasp even with her collar of protection on Evie.  She looked at the woman that still didn’t match her size but more than outweighed her.

“You fucking bitch,” Alexis shouted, hand grasping the flogger from her belt.  She recognized the other woman.  It was the one that had kissed Evie.

“You can’t have her,” the woman stated.  “She is mine.  I saw her first.”

Alexis glared at the woman.  The woman’s eyes looked away.  Ripping the tie from her hand, she pulled Evie back.

“If you do that again, it can get very rough,” Alexis stated, her eyes staring coldly at the woman while she flipped her heavy flogger over her shoulder in the threat.  She watched the woman seem to consider actually challenging her.  It was exciting, until Frank, the club bouncer, stepped in between them.

“Ladies,” Frank said, “this can get each of you expelled from the club.”  He flexed his muscles and then held out his arms between them.

“It isn’t worth the loss of this club,” the other woman stated.  “Have the cunt.”

Alexis turned to Evie and noticed her trembling in fear.  “Poor thing, never had anyone fight over you before?” Alexis asked, placing her arm around the younger woman and herding her toward a nearby booth.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Whatever I decide to after we talk for a little while,” Alexis replied, her breath hitting Evie’s face with each word.  Then she kissed her lightly on the lips.  Evie’s lips were soft and plump after getting so worked up.  Clearly the altercation had excited this little vixen.  She loosened Evie’s tie and then pulled it from around the starched collar dress shirt.  “I’m going to make you cry tonight, honey.”

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt.  This is only the start of chapter 1.

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