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Dreams Past Midnight will go deeper into one area I have touched upon but not written of yet.  It will reveal things that most might find disturbing and others horrifying.  This is a unique story in the lineup that opens doors in the mind to think about “what if.”

This is a rough draft so forgive anything you might find confusing, POV changes, grammar or misspellings.  I will probably end up rewriting most of this too.


The detective looked at the crime scene around him.  “It was a real clusterfuck,” he thought evading the bodies and trying to stay out of the splatter zones that CSI had set up.  Nothing mattered, no evidence would be found, the person cleaned up after the shooting was very neatly or else using revolvers for the job.  From the amount of shots, he counted four reloads at least with a single six shot revolver, but the perps had semi’s and full auto guns, casings littered the floor around the bodies showing the number of shots fired but were they in defense or offense?  Feeling a hand on his shoulder, he looked around to see that pretty face and brown eyes of the lead CSI investigator.  “Did you find anything?”

“For once we did!  A single shell casing from an unknown type of weapon but it gets weirder,” she said as she held up another evidence bag with the rifle round.  “This is a 5.7 X 28mm, like the police and the military are using some places.  Trouble is, the casings on both show signs of reloading, meaning the reason we are finding nothing but that strange powder in the wounds means that these are very high tech, expensive rounds, custom designed and made for a single application.  One of the other techs with military experience told of the military finding these rounds in certain case they did.  He’s going to check that source to see if they have made any leads into the bullet recently.  Otherwise, even with this evidence, we don’t have much to go on.  No prints, body residue or even a single hair will be found, we know this much already.  This guy or guys must have watched too much CSI and knows every trick in the book, or else works for someone else with a true cleaning crew,” she stated seeing the disappointed look on her friend’s face.  The worry in his eyes that she saw spoke more than his words.  Touching him along the arm carefully to make it look as an accident, she saw him relax a little at last.

“So, twelve murders, all drugs gone, no money recovered from any scene, evidence of one man being tortured before being killed and now these six more.  All we have are two casing and the strange powder that decomposes over time.  I hate this job when we are stuck trying to find the killer of the very ones we are working on to catch ourselves,” he stated while watching the young woman walk away from him in her all whites.  Seeing a woman walking quickly toward his direction, he tensed knowing that this might mean trouble just by the way she was walking toward him.

“Detective Armstrong, I’m Special Agent Johnson,” she said flashing him her id and badge.  “We are going to either take over this case or your office can cooperate with me on it, your decision.”

He recognized the tone of authority in her voice and the careful wording of the demand was just a little less than an order.  Even her stance exuded power.  She was a she-lion not afraid of any lions or anything else that might stand in her way.  Her voice was haunting him and reminding him of someone but he couldn’t remember.  “We will be happy to give you any and all information and cooperation on your investigation,” he replied while putting strength on the “your” wording.  He had too many other problems and would be more than grateful for the help, but just why had a Special Agent from the FBI come in on this now.  Handing her the tablet, he felt her take it from his grasp as if challenging him to not give it to her somehow.  Smiling as he let it go, he saw fire in her eyes, seeing the spirit of the strong woman.  As he looked at her, he studied her stance, she was muscular and tall, very tall, easily over six foot seven or more easily.  Looking up into those very dark brown eyes and yet seeing the lightly tanned color of her skin with that dirty blonde hair framing the delicate features of her face, he was slightly taken by her beauty.

Seeing him offer the computer tablet and then hold it from her for the second made her feel his challenge.  She would enjoy working with someone that wasn’t an asshole for a change.  Looking over the data she saw the same things as in dozens of cases before, the powder was here too.  “We have a very big problem.”  She felt the knot in her insides as she studies the bodies, seeing all single head shots, sniper-like in precision.  Stopping as she saw a face that she had been tracking for ages now.  “Well, at least I know where this guy is now,” she stated as mentally marking him off her checklist of suspects.  “This one is former Russian special forces that turned to the Russian mafia not long after being booted out for killing women and children.  I had thought he was the one doing all this, trying to gain territory and take over the mafia in this area of the country.”  She hated being wrong and wondered just where the new killings would lead her now.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.  As I said, this story is unique in its twists and turns.  Characters and places will be popping up from the other stories before in places.  All of it will end soon in the series climax.

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