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Tesure (te’-sura) = pleasure, pleasurable, delight, ecstasy, joy, happiness, standard sexual climax. From *Alien Language database*

I had to give you the meaning of the word in order for you to understand it.  Some of you are probably wondering what the third book in the series is going to start off with.  This one will definitely be different than the others.  More characters, story, heat, violence and science fiction about my alter-earth place than most other stories had.  This one actually revolves around a member of the species that I have touched upon in other books simply called, “The Parent Race” until now.

This is a rough draft so forgive anything you might find confusing, POV changes, grammar or misspellings.  I will probably end up rewriting most of this too.


Talis was nervous and couldn’t understand why.  He had met with other prospects before for the job he was hiring for and had never had this reaction with any of them.  “All of the others were men.  Why did this one have to be a woman,” he thought as he parked the old style looking vehicle in the parking place.  Getting out and patted its top hearing the alarm arm on it.  He ran his hand down the vehicle and heard it hum in satisfaction as he left it.  Glancing back, he would have never known what it truly was or that it was different from any other car in the lot of the small restaurant.  Walking up to the doors, he saw a woman standing inside as if waiting.  He saw his timepiece read he was five minutes late and hated being late.  The thing that had stopped him was the payment for the domes that had to be completed that morning that ran into that afternoon by the time they were done.  Taking a deep breath, he walked into the restaurant.

Tara had waited only five minutes before he had shown up at the restaurant to meet her.  She had not heard anything about this man.  She knew he was planning to open a private membership BDSM club that he was having built well outside of the cities.  She knew he had more than steel ones just to attempt this in this Bible belt state.  Seeing him, now made her a little shocked that a man only her height and showing less strength than herself even.  She wondered if he would he be able to even manage to get this type of thing going.  As she extended her hand to shake his, she felt it slowly turned.  Catching her breath as she felt his lips touch the back of her hand in a gentle and light kiss, made her feel as if a charge ran through her from him.

Rising from the bow and gentle kiss of her hand, he noticed her blush slightly but saw her move to a stance of defiance.  Smiling at her and looking to see if he had the right person.  “I am Talis Trelista and you are Tara Hart, if your EBB pictures are correct.”  He nodded to the waitress and saw her lead the way for their table that he had reserved in a secluded part of the restaurant.

Following behind the man is something she was not use to doing but felt natural enough for now.  She neared the secluded table in a small alcove near the back corner of the restaurant.  The casualness of this meeting now and just what they were to discuss was making her nervous.  Seeing him wait for her to be seated at the table made for four, she noticed that he wasn’t wearing pants but a kilt.  She had seen this online and round town now but most still didn’t dress in them in public.  Hearing him never order them both sweet teas as a waitress approached with it, she knew that he was known at this place.  He must have conducted a lot of his business from here.  She saw the waitress pull a string at each side of the alcove upon leaving.  She felt more private when a beaded curtain fell over the entrance to obscure anyone’s view of his or her meeting.

“Miss Hart.”  He saw her put up her hand stopping him from speaking now.  Seeing the sparkle of power in her eyes, he let her proceed for now.  She was intriguing to him now as she displayed the power and pose of those so unlike most of her female kind here.  Hers was a natural type feeling of domination from her and not the made up type of most females.  It also stirred something inside of him that told him to run from her.  He knew he had to get over this feeling somehow.  Knowing that only by being around women, and even people, again would he be able to do that.  Living for nearly twenty years alone and in hiding, he had to adjust to people once again.

“First off, you may call me, Tara.  Next thing, I need to know is how long have you been into the lifestyle?  You don’t look more than 30 years yet spoke of the life as if you had lived it much longer.”  She saw the waitress refill his half-drained glass of iced tea and then move away quickly.  She noted her step and knew that there was more to her than met the eye as she saw her glanced back at her.  “No wonder a Dom or Domme would enjoy this place,” she thought looking at him now studying his reaction to her question and her demand.  She didn’t see anything in him that showed he was a Dom or sub and wondered if he even knew the life at all.

“First off, Tara, I have not been in the lifestyle.  I have written many short stories and a few other books of romance types using BDSM as a spring board, but I have never been in this lifestyle here.”  He realized that he slipped on his last word.  He knew he needed to recover quickly.  “I have researched and studied the lifestyle.  I see the need for a place that will be safe and have set rules for those that participate so that safety will be maintained.  The only club I actually went to see discussed me intently in the things that were done and allowed to be done there.  I know from experience that there are many flavors in this lifestyle.  I am striving to fill the niche that is vacant out there in this state and others.  I wish to open the first safe, sane and totally consensual BDSM private club in this state.  What I need is a person that has some experience and is an accomplished office manager to run the place.  This is why I returned your email.  I read about your qualifications and upon doing a BG on you, I found nothing overtly in your records that would place my club in any hardships.”

“Wait, you ran a background check on me?  I haven’t even accepted the job yet!”  She realized just how forward this man was with his presumptions of her even taking the position.  Wondering now just how much of her background he knew bothered her a lot more than the possibilities of a simple background check.  “I guess you ran a health card check on me too.”

“I had to.  It was to make certain that you would not be a hindrance to the club as a whole.  I assure you that no data ever left my computer.  Your health card is perfect also, now at least.”  He watched a small plate with ten large tempura shrimp placed on the table now by the same waitress.  She then went away to another table without a word.  As he reached for a shrimp, he noticed Tara look at him displeased but still saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“I want to know just how much you really do know of the lifestyle.  Just saying you have written about it is one thing.  Living it is something different entirely.”  She looked into his eyes for an answer that might be wordless.  She was pressing him and knew it.  His reaction would prove to her if he was into the alternative lifestyle or not.  She watched his eyes drop and his hand pulling away from the shrimp made her see a different side of him.  It was not one of pure submission but maybe one of liking to be topped at times possibly by a Domme.  “So you do know something of the life.”  Pushing the plate of shrimp toward him, she offered it to him as she felt her Domme side flare within her.  “Can I have found someone at last or is he just a partial,” she thought noticing him gently pick up a shrimp and eat it.  It was so unlike most males might have done.  “Have you ever been with a Domme before?”  It was a simple question but saw him turn an off shade of bluish/grey in his cheeks as if he was nearly sick by the idea.  Then she saw it was just a complexion change from a blush of some type, which she found unusual.  “Well, that’s an answer I didn’t expect,” she thought, studying him but still saw little else from him.  “How long has it been for you?”  Another simple question but she saw him hesitate before beginning to answer almost as if ashamed or afraid.  Staring into his eyes, she saw a look that she knew all too well from her own experiences.  A look of being hurt by someone ran deep into him now.

“A very long time.”  He felt her hand softly touch his as he rested it upon the table.  Feeling her touch was electrifying to him and yet made him wish to bolt from her.  He knew she was a Domme.  She was human female.  It would not be like anything he was used to being with in those few times he had allowed Solis to take him to places that few humans could understand.  As he brushed his hair from his ear, he quickly covered it again but saw her rather shocked look.

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