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Cover Reveal for The Power of Whispers

Cover Reveal for The Power of Whispers

The Power of Whispers is the first book in the Holy Trinities series.  It breaks all my barriers in writing and brings this story to the actual place where I the others go.  I won’t say much but the cover reveals a lot of where the story takes place and the main character.

I’m letting you see all of chapter one in this excerpt.  I did this on my other blog but I’m trying to transfer to WordPress and learn to use it too.

This is still only in the last stage of editing, so forgive mistakes.


His heavy black shirt and kilt halted the chilly spring air. He looked at Jackie, the leader of the group, as he got onto the small transport. She waved him to join them at the back of the seating area.

“We are glad you decided to come.” Jackie smiled and waved for him to join them. “We had hoped you would.”

“Yeah,” Mary said as Kyle, her partner, made her turn back around. “We need some new people in the group.”

“We need you to wear something.” Jackie held out a metal bracelet. “The color codes tell your private BDSM likes, dislikes and limits without the others having to ask all the questions. If you want to play with the group or an individual just show this to them when you ask to play.”

“We know each other.  Is it really necessary?”  He kept his wrist close to him.

Jackie held out the bracelet impatiently. “It won’t hurt.”

He held out his right wrist. The bracelet was placed on and fastened with a screw key. It made him nervous. The ones at the clubs were thin starch material that could be torn off. This one was locked onto him. It wasn’t loose enough to slip off. Maybe, it was his innocence but this made him a little self-conscious among them, almost as if captured by them.  He fiddled with it.

“Don’t be nervous about it.” Clare started to place her hand on his to ease his nerves. “We all wore them at first. Laura and Kelly are wearing them.”

He did notice the two wearing them. “When will we get to the ranch?”

“It is a four hour ride on this high speed transport.” Clare tried to take his hand but he kept pulling it away. “It’s out there. Over a week by standard vehicle from here and a half hour drive from the nearest town. It is a peaceful place.”

He knew this wasn’t a good idea. It was his first BDSM event with this group. He had only done it after Jackie had coaxed him into it. She had told him he could just rest at the ranch and not even participate. Jackie seemed nice enough to him and was one of the part time professors at the college. Clare, her partner, was sweet to him too. He wasn’t so certain about the others. Even during the few dinners he attended, he had learned little about the others.

“I know that most of us are a little older than you are,” Jackie said. “Most of us have partners and are experienced, but don’t let that stop you from asking to play or explore. Have some fun and relax. We never mind teaching others or letting them experience new things.”

“What made you come on the trip?” Laura turned her seat to face him.

“I had it paid for and since I lost my part time job, I didn’t have a real reason not to take a small vacation,” he replied watching her look him over. He hated the way women did that but also knew the reasons. “Jackie said ‘it was nice and quiet out there too.’ I thought I might observe and learn.”

“You can do more than observe with me, if you want.” Christa flashed her breasts to him in fun. “Even Morgan and Tom can join us for a good foursome.”

“I’m not sure…” He wanted to sink back further in the seat. It didn’t give.

“That is the nice thing about our group,” Jackie said. “Nothing is forced like in some others. We are just all playmates here when we want to be. It isn’t all about sex as much as sensation and experiences. You’ll find someone of the group to play with before the first day is gone.”

“I doubt that,” he whispered, noticing that Clare had heard him. He had come to learn and maybe find someone. It made him self-conscious being alone.

“If nothing else you can watch and enjoy yourself.” Clare relented by just not trying to touch him again. “You look disappointed.”

“I thought there would be a few unattached women.” He looked around at the filled seats in the small transport.  Everyone was joking and kidding around about the things they might do with each other. Their talk bothered him.

“One thing you learn in this group.” Jackie waved her hand toward all of them. “It is to share and not be closed off to new ideas and experiences. We are all medically checked out and even have a medic, Mary, in the group with us. If you want to try a scene and it’s too much we stop. We don’t push you.”

“Males are highly prized in the group.” Laura leaned forward to show him her figure in the tight t-shirt. “Sharing males or males in group relationships with females has become a norm. Surely, you know that, you aren’t that old. I mean you were taught that weren’t you?”

“I was raised in a smaller town with some different values.” He adverted his eyes from her. “We had the church and most kids knew things went on there but we were taught not to question. The town had a nearly split population of females and males unlike most places.”

“Where is it?” Laura leaned over further and reached out quickly to grab his bare knee.

“It’s a place you won’t find on a map.” He couldn’t get away from her and even moving his leg did little good. Her touch was more annoying than anything else. “The church protects it and unless you are a resident or former one, you can’t just go to it.”

“Sorry to hear that.” Laura inched her hand a little higher wanting to know how much was hidden by the kilt.

“Remember, Laura, we don’t have to talk of our past when on this trip or answer questions like that,” Jackie said, stopping Laura before she could speak again.

“So, are we your first BDSM experiences?” Laura inched her hand higher until she was just under the kilt on his right leg.

“I was raised in a church community.  I learned about the adoption of it in history after the first Americas War.” He pushed her hand away and flattened his kilt once again. He watched her lean back in her seat. “The church was the only place it was done and only under strict structures and ceremonies in my town. When I went to college outside the town, I witnessed a lot more and how it wasn’t like with the church. Breeding and control aren’t the only reasons for BDSM, I found out.”

“Did you go to any clubs?” Mark asked without turning around. “Pass any of the trials there?”

“I did go to one — never did anything — just watched,” he replied blushing as Laura stared at him. “I didn’t get involved too much. They weren’t for me.” The one-time meetings and the manner in which sex was taken so lightly with others was immoral to him. The church and the clubs were both scary places for a lone person of either sex.

“So what do you do for fun then?” Laura shifted in the seat parting her legs to get a reaction from him.  She was greeted by eyes that wandered.

“I go out and have fun with others I know.” He lied to her and those that might overhear.

“I think you’ll fit in after a day or so.” Laura turned her seat around.

He was thankful that the rest of the trip no one asked him things or wished to talk. He stared out the window at the burnt craters and poisoned areas that were caused by the last conflict that were around the big city. The areas soon became farmlands and forested areas dotted with large houses all connected to small towns. He hated small towns now.


“There it is, Fletcher Ranch,” Jackie said pointing it out to him in the distance as the transport slowed.

He had noticed the town some ways back was larger than the others they had passed by. The place the Fletcher’s owned was smaller than the other places but appeared as if it was slowly becoming a farm more than a ranch. Fenced fields were overgrown places and in others, different animals were walking about. He didn’t see anyone so far on the ranch.

He studied the massive Victorian house with a turret on one end as the transport circled it.  An old triangle hung off the back porch. The grounds around it were untidy but still had flowers amidst the weeds.

The transport landed. He let the others get out before him. The heat and humidity of the area hit him as he stepped out. The sun was even more blinding making him put on his sunglasses. “Where are we?” he asked. “It doesn’t feel like spring anymore.”

“This is southern Carolina,” Jackie replied. “It gets a lot hotter in the summer.”

He watched Jackie disappear but Clare came and kept him company as the others unloaded the transport. The two of them watched over him, which made it less uncomfortable being alone.

When it came time to bring in the suitcases and things, everyone got their own stuff. For him it was rather an embarrassment since he had quickly thrown stuff into a small backpack. As the transport left, he nearly panicked while studying the surrounding. There was nowhere to run to this time for safety. Another transport wouldn’t come out this far until after the event.

He walked into the large house. This was supposed to be a BDSM club event. So far, the only things he had seen that were slightly BDSM were the collars around some of the people’s necks and some leather clothing on others. He hadn’t seen anything like playrooms or things out of the ordinary when coming in, but he hadn’t really expected to either.

There was a discussion on the room assignments. He heard his name passed among the others. He certainly didn’t want to have to stay with others. Then Jackie came back.

“We all have our old rooms,” Jackie announced. “The addition of our new member isn’t a problem. He will have the room at the top of the house.”

He knew he should have just gone home as he climbed the stairs to the landing on the second floor. At least one floor more to go before his room, he hoped. The place wasn’t air-conditioned and was stiflingly warm even with the windows open and the breeze.  The smells of the animals didn’t bother him much.

He glanced out a window while on the second floor. A man was working near the barn with hay bales, hoisting them up from the rover’s trailer they were on and carrying them in the barn. At least he knew it was a working ranch.

His room was at the very top of the house in the turret above the third floor. It was the only one left. Climbing the circular stairs, he came to the small landing and the last door. He opened the door and found a circular room painted dark red.  A large futon made into a bed was in its center. The color didn’t bother him, except the room seemed endless at times if not for the four windows. Nothing else was there besides one LED torch lamp that appeared to be very recent addition along with the futon from the dust.

Opening the four windows in the room let in the breeze and the smells of the outside. Thankfully, there were screens at least to keep out the bugs. He adjusted the tint on the windows and the screen so that the sun didn’t bake the room. One window, he noticed, overlooked the barn area.

The window gave him a perfect view of the man unloading the hay. The muscle shirt showed their well-defined arms. His jeans were so tight the guy had to be poured into them. The cowboy hat shielded the man’s face and from this angle, he could see little else. For some reason those flexing biceps, back muscles and legs made him feel things he thought he shouldn’t. Even the thought of being with another male was a punishable offense by the religious caste and the government since the wars. He turned away from the sight, confused.

He tossed his small backpack behind the futon for unpacking later. Lying down, he found it comfortably firm and didn’t creak at least. He stared up at the ceiling.

The high domed ceiling had tiny stars painted on it, childish, but it calmed him. They almost seemed to move. He noticed something else, shiny things around the top moldings. On closer inspection, he found suspension rings all around the room near the ceiling. The thoughts of what might have gone on in here swarmed his mind. As he moved to the side, he spotted a shadow in the dome. He had thought it was nothing until he turned on the torch light. The light reflected off the object creating a rainbow of stars everywhere in the room. It was a single crystal suspended from the center of the turret’s high domed ceiling. It had made the stars. They weren’t painted on as first believed and were slowly moving as the crystal did. At least his room was interesting and a bathroom was only one flight down.

He became distracted hearing the muffled voices of the others down stairs and the couple in the room directly below him. Sounds drifted up for a few moments then silence, some soft whimpers and grunts followed by her cry. Sex, something else he didn’t need to hear when alone. He lay down on his side trying to forget the heat of the day.

The massive engine of the mover starting signaled that the man had finished unloading the hay. His mind wandered to just what type of man might rent out his ranch house to an unusual bunch like this.


He awoke to the ringing of that old triangle. After sundown, the air had turned cooler and comfortable in the house. He knew it wouldn’t look good if he didn’t go down for dinner but dreaded it. His pack had food bars in it for six days. He had packed them to be able to run away again.  He couldn’t stay alone or run this time with the group and the ranch so far out.

Going down stairs on the circular staircase that went to the fourth floor turret was interesting this time. Spotlights came on as he stepped upon each tread. He hadn’t noticed the inscriptions in the stairs before to his room: Honor, Love, Commitment, Communication, Understanding, Trust and Obedience. He knew that these words all had meanings in both BDSM and the normal world.

It was strange to him that one room was one-half of the entire third floor. The other two rooms were filled. Mark and Chris shared one room and Kyle and Mary were in the room directly under his. The bathroom was between their rooms. The other massive room only had one door that was heavy with a security lock on it. He thought it had to be the ranch owner’s private room.

The normal stairs in the house were deep treads, easy to climb and descend. He stopped at the window he had passed by on the first time up and glanced at the barn. The doors were shut. It was dark and silent. He continued down to the dining room finding it empty. Walking into the massive kitchen through the swing door, he noticed everyone milling about whispering about something.

“Can anyone cook?” Jackie asked.

He wasn’t about to open his mouth. The meals were supposed to be provided in the fee and nothing was said about having to cook. It may have been his part time job, something he was trained in somewhat, but this was his vacation.

The back door opened with a bang. A person backed into the kitchen carrying a big box. He remained at the front of the kitchen near the door into the dining room and just watched, not wanting to get in the way.

“I brought chicken dinners in from the diner with all the fixings,” the slightly husky voice said.

He couldn’t see him, except that hat and back of their head. He heard him place the massive box on the kitchen table. The others descended upon the box as if it held gold. He waited. Only the person in the cowboy hat, muscle shirt with an open flannel shirt over it, and those skintight jeans was left standing there. The person was tall and had an unusual shape to them being this muscular. His eyes traveled over the form down to the cowboy boots. Everything in his mind stopped the moment the person turned holding a boxed dinner staring straight at him.

“I think this dinner is yours.” She walked over to him and held out the box. “Aren’t you hungry? Take it.”

His mind reeled. Her voice echoed in his head until it snapped him back to reality. “Why?” He didn’t believe what he had just muttered.

“Because the cook ran off without a word with my best and only hand.” She shoved the box into his hands.

He gazed into those brown eyes before she turned and removed her hat. Her long hair fell in a braid cascading half down her back. Following her through the dining room wasn’t his first thought of action. Something about her made him concerned for her. He watched her hang up her hat, pull off her boots with the boot puller by the front door and go out onto the front porch. He jumped when the screen door slammed behind her. The rocker moving on the screened in porch was the only sound he heard. Walking back to the kitchen, he looked in the box that had held the dinners. It was empty.

He headed out to the front porch. She was just sitting there staring at the fields in the darkness. “I think you need to eat too,” he said, softly walking over to her.

“There wasn’t enough.” She shook her head, no.

“You need to eat…”

“Who are you and just why are you bothering me?”

“I’m from the group and if you moved all that hay today and other things, you need to eat something.” He held out the boxed dinner to her.

“I had forgotten about this group until lunchtime came.” She placed her hand up to her face. Her fingers wiped away a stray tear as she tried to conceal it. “I ordered the dinners then but no one had told me that an extra was coming until just before you got here.”

“Please, take it. I shouldn’t be here anyway. I have some food ration bars in my pack upstairs.” He placed the box on the table beside her and turned to go. Her hand grasped his gently as if it might break.

“Wait,” she said. “Sit with me — I’ll share it with you.”

When he turned back to her, it wasn’t the same stare she had when he first looked at her. There was softness in her eyes. He sat down on the porch swing and watched her get up.

She picked up the box and sat down on the swing beside him. Opening it let out the usual smells of the greasy food. She tore off the top and picked up one chicken breast placing it on box top. “Do you mind eating after me?” She showed the only plastic spork in the dinner. “I don’t have anything.”

“I don’t need anything but the piece of chicken.” He took the top with the chicken.  . “Actually, I’d be afraid to eat the potatoes and gravy. I have some food allergies.”

“Well, you can eat the corn, can’t you?” She picked up one of the two small bags. “I have two pieces of that.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He watched her eyes flash in the moonlight when she smiled. “I guess you are the owner then?”

“My parents were until last year.” She handed him the ear of buttered corn on the cob in a small bag. “A car accident…”

“What kind of ranch is this anyway?”  He removed the corn and let it drip a moment before starting on it.

“It used to be a horse ranch but now it only has two horses left.” She ate as she talked. “I started growing my own food, raising chickens and some free range animals. It just became a small farm for me.”

He watched her eat, taking small bites of the chicken and other things. “Sorry about before. I’m Nikolai Baird.” He wiped his hand and held it out to her.

“I’m Catherine Fletcher.” She raised her hand before stopping to shake his. “Sorry, not used to shaking hands yet. I’m used to saluting still.”

Nikolai pulled back his greasy hand and wiped it again. “Military service?”

“Thirty years and twenty engagements. What about you?”

“I was rejected for battle duty due to health reasons. Instead, I did service in the Home Corp.”

“Are you going to college still?”

“I was but my grants ran out, I guess, and then my part time job vanished.” He starting to eat his chicken. It was diner quality and that was about it. He pulled off most all the crispy brown setting it aside. He observed her grabbed it up and devour the greasy mess. “I’m on my way to a dead end job somewhere after this and maybe, back to college.”

“Just what were you in Home Corp? I’ve never seen someone like you in any service branch before. I mean, excuse me for saying, you have nice legs but the rest of you is a physical mess from what I’m seeing. They should have given you a full grant for Doctorate College.”

“I was a logistics technician.” He pulled off pieces of the chicken meat savoring it. “I really don’t know…”

“Holy shit, that is a great job and they let you out?”

“No, I was deemed unusable after an incident. I really don’t remember much about it.”

“Were you hurt somehow?”

“They told me I was. I have holes in my memory, constant migraines and stuff.”

“Wait.” She wiped her hands after finishing her part of the meal. “You should be able to work in anyplace with those skills.”

“I’m only average at it — I’m still broken — can’t take the mental stresses.” He touched his head. “It doesn’t work like before anymore.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

He wiped off his hands on the napkin and placed the chicken bones in the box top before placing it on the table. “What branch were you in?”

“Marines, Power Armor Combat Infantry.” She pulled out her dog tags showing them with pride. “I was in the last America’s Campaigns and the Mid-East Uprising battles. After I made it through those, I decided I needed a change but then my parents had the accident. I was sent home to manage this until I decide what to do with it.”

“Cath,” Jackie said through the screen door. “We want to go to the play room in the basement.”

“You know the code Father used to enter,” Cath said. “I never changed it.”

Jackie began to offer Nic the chance to come with them but noticed something else was happening. She moved away seeing Cath lean over onto him and cuddled closer while yawning as he moved the swing slowly. Cath was so independent always. Usually the girl, now woman, was so standoffish. Jackie left them for the others.

“Man, you have bony arms.” Cath snuggled up against him. “I need to put you to work around here. What can you do?”

“I can cook and some other things…” He doubting that she heard him. She was already asleep up against him. Looking around, he wondered if he should wake her. There was no way to carry her to bed. She was too heavy to move. As she shifted positions, he moved to sit with his back to the corner of the swing. Her head nuzzled into his chest and hand rested softly on his belly. The sweaty scent and even the dirt of her clothes didn’t matter to him. It was simply her. He leaned his head down and kissed her on the top of the head. “Goodnight Catherine,” he whispered.

Copyright, Damian Bloodstone, All Rights Reserved.  06/10/2013.

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