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Blinding Obsession” is the fourth entry of “The Firehouse Diaries”. If you’ve read the others, you know a little about Chris Patterson, but, not enough to alleviate the shock of learning his lifestyle.

Chris is one that loves to be in control…both of his lovers and of his raging desires. That’s right. He is a Dom. One who has had several submissives in the past.


 Control has always come easy for him…until he meets Korina Morgan.



Kori first came to Bennett, Colorado for the wedding of her best friend, Rheagan. Rheagan had transferred to Bennett from LA upon receiving a job promotion, bringing Kori’s younger sister, Skye, with her as her assistant.

Skye was the only family Kori had left and couldn’t bear to be away from her, or Rheagan. So, she transferred to Bennett with her job, which, ironically, is a firefighter.

Being partnered with the obnoxious man Kori met at Rhea’s wedding was not a good way to start her new life. Chris Patterson, who portrayed himself as God’s gift to women, pursued her at every turn. She’d sworn off men after her Dominant husband abused her, landing her in the hospital more than once. But, Chris’ machinations turned her blood to molten lava, making it difficult to resist his sinfully delicious temptations.

Will Chris be able to control his raging desire for this red haired beauty? Will he be able to convince her, once she finds out of his ways, to trust him?

Will Kori be strong enough to withstand his kisses? What will she do when she learns he enjoys the very lifestyle she was running from?

Blinding Obsession by Chasity Breeze hits the stores on Friday Oct. 18th.  It will light you on fire…



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