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All Wrapped Up

By Damian Bloodstone (damianbloodstone@gmail.com)

Copyright © 8/25/2012  All Rights Reserved.  This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.

“I didn’t think I’d enjoy this,” she said struggling a little again.

“I knew you would,” he said.  “Once you get over the initial fear.”

“I didn’t get turned on until you showed me the picture.”

“I’m glad you like my work,” he said, feeling her thigh quiver beneath his hand.

“How did you know I would like being tied up?”  His hands ran down her legs and back up.

“I saw it in your expression during the movie.”  He kissed her cheek and then neck.  She was excited still.  Her soft moans were music.

“How long does it take to learn this rope art of yours?”  Her breath caught; wetness and heat rushed between her thighs.

“Only a lifetime with you, my lovely.”  Her lips were soft to kiss, their warmth parting, inviting him for more.  She was his beautifully bound woman.

“God, what you make my body …mind do,” she said, unable to move.

“God has nothing to do with me,” he said softly laughing, fangs extending to pierce the soft, warm flesh of his wrapped dinner.