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Kane’s Lover

By Damian Bloodstone (damianbloodstone@gmail.com)

Copyright © 6/7/2012  All Rights Reserved.  This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.

Kane looked at her shape, her fine curves and lightweight, strong body.  Sleek and professional in her dress but as deadly as any woman.  She was just right for his hands to grip and caress.  Her proportions were perfect to his.  Her bright skin shined in the sun as her long slender length showed her flexibility.  The gold she wore at her throat, accented her beauty and grace.  The warmth of her against him and the smoothness of her excited him.  Her hard touch was as if a warrior’s muscles tensed and flexed.  Moving, she sang in the air around her, gliding and dancing with a love all her own.  She was a reflection of him and yet always his first and true love.  He had passed by many another for her feel beside him.  She had always come forward to protect him in times of need, never berating or belittling him over his needs.  Kissing her lightly on his mark that she bore so willingly and with such honor, he sheathed her in leather armor to protect her oiled skin and sharp tongue.

He could give her up for no other.  His love’s soul forever trapped by a sorcerer in this sword he carried.