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I am currently editing this book but I thought I might give my nuggets a taste of what is to come in this next book.  It is very different from the Am I Real story.  If you have looked at the cover reveal for this next story, you can tell that something is very different about the setting too.

This world is known as Trinitas.

The Power of Whispers is set on another alter-earth world.  Time has taken its tole on this world.  The rules here are very different for all.  There are things you will learn that might shock you and that some might even find offensive, but you must remember this is not our Earth or our people.

It is a world ravaged by wars both for religious views, racial purity and government control.  A world that holds a secrets most are willing to either kill for or kill to stop others from revealing.  This world is a mystery waiting to be unfolded before your mind in the words I have written.  Each book in the series will take you further into its depths letting you find its secrets.

The people are under constant watch by both factions, the religious and the government.  The smaller wars continue to rage on with no end in sight. It is a time when Holy Crusades are happening under church orders and the central government.  The once massive cities of the world lie in ruins or as craters so poisoned that nothing can exist there.

That is enough on the world of Trinitas for today.  Now I leave you with a small excerpt from the story.


Cath opened the door to her suite and was taken by the smells of someone cooking. It reminded her that her cook was MIA and that someone was in her kitchen. She walked down the stairs, hearing the cheerful and happy voices carried from below. As she came around the corner, she observed all were sitting at the dining room table. Her cook’s paper sign on the swinging door was present. It read, “Keep out or be cooked.” She put her hand over her mouth as she smiled at the comical nature of the warning as always. She was glad Aislin had returned. Glancing around she didn’t see Nikolai at the table and thought he had probably slept in after last night on the swing with her. She was more than a little embarrassed by her behavior with him. It wasn’t like her. She was just glad to have the Aislin back.

She pushed open the swinging door and stared at the man dressed only in an apron and boxer shorts in the hot kitchen. “Who put you in charge of my kitchen, Nikolai?” she asked firmly.

“It’s Nic,” he replied, “and go to the table, everything is ready.”

Cath stood her ground and watched him preparing the last of the plates. Each done as nearly as art, the food arrangement, colors and even smells all complemented each other. She reached for a piece of fruit from a bowl and got her fingers slapped. Pulling them back, she stared hard at him then relented. He had been good enough to cook for everyone. The least she could do was eat whatever he had fixed. Some type of baked something with things from the kitchen. She prayed it was as good as it smelled as she went back to the dining room and sat down at the head of the table.


That’s it for today nuggets.  Come back and read more later.  Be sure to buy my book that is out or check out my free stuff to read.