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It is another middle of the week day.  Always feels so long as if it won’t end.  To brighten your mood and give you a little zing I decided to post an excerpt from my current book out called, Am I Real.  I hope you enjoy it and love it as much as I did when writing it.


Faith moved her hand lower to his heavy belt and slowly unfastened it, making certain not to wake him. Getting it unfastened, she slowly unbuttoning the pants and then unzipping them, noticing him stir only slightly to her movements. Pushing her hand under the waistband of his shorts, her hand contacted his limp organ. It was different than she imagined all those times before when thinking of how a male might feel. It slowly grew with her touch and lengthened which amazed her. Her hand gently held it, feeling the surging warmth of it. Wanting to see him, she pulled up the waistband and peeked under it. It didn’t look like she imagined. He wasn’t an Elite by the look of him. He was different. She sensed him stir a little while letting the waistband slowly back down and then become still beside her again. His musky scent was exciting. She let her hand back down onto this new thing, experiencing the warmth of his organ and a tiny wetness on her hand. For some reason, wetness began between her legs. What she was doing was getting her aroused. Her hand and fingertips explored him softly and gently. More wetness came from the tip making her hand slick. The sensation of her hand sliding on his erect, hot cock made her even more excited. She was entranced by his male parts. He was different from what they were taught.


If that got you hot, turn up the heat even more by buying the book.  It is a story with love and all the emotions that go with it, plus so much heat as to start a fire in you wherever you read it.

Am I Real

Am I Real – the premier book by Damian Bloodstone is available at:

Amazon US:  http://tinyurl.com/jvqmscq

Amazon UK:  http://tinyurl.com/l9t5vgl

Smashwords:  http://tinyurl.com/oev4eb2

Am I Real gets a 5 Star review on Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/722872298