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I have a simple question to all. Why do we label people, things and even ourselves as a particular sex? Everything in the world and life is sexually labeled. It doesn’t matter what label we place upon it, sex is always determined by those that wish us to believe one way or the other. We try to break sexuality into a science and it fails. We try to show it as something mental and it fails.

Humans are broken into males and females. We break the animal kingdom into this and everything else.

What if, it wasn’t true? What if sex is a physical function and not who we are?
What if we all realized that gender is in the soul and the physical body is not what determines it?

Humans are sexual beings with a soul that is pure energy.  We try to break the soul into a science and it fails. We try to show it as something mental and it fails.  Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed. What if that energy is transformed upon death into a new life each time? If we lived countless lives and were able to gaze back over them, how shocked would people be to find themselves as their opposite sex or possibly even a third sex or even another form of life.

We are souls trapped within a mortal vessel, created to learn, live and love. Only through union of the physical do we ever glimpse the truth of the soul. It is a bonding that science cannot accept or define.  It causes the heart beats to sync, the emotions to link and the minds to accept something unknown before, love.  The soul has no sex, no label or gender. The soul is the closest thing to love.  Only two soulmates can have this and it doesn’t matter their age, physical gender or mentality.  It can start with a simple touch or even a long stare.

You can’t label two things in life the soul or love with a gender. Both are unconditional and neither knows of the difference in sex or gender because they are all and none.