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Welcome, Nuggets.

I am giving you a peek at The Power of Whispers for Sensual Saturday.  This is the story that will come out in a few months, if I get it done.

Tell me what you think of it.  This is a story that will break all the rules for me, reveal some of the secrets of my worlds I have created and possibly more.

In this scene, Nic had just burnt his hand in the kitchen and got it bandaged up.  Someone wished him to check on Cath since she had run upstairs to the room he was staying in and they couldn’t enter it.


Nic didn’t need any coaxing. Mary removed the apron from him; he nodded in thanks. He wanted to know what was wrong too. Walking up stairs slowly, his head was pounding but for some reason he had to know Cath was all right. As he got to his room, he noticed that Jackie and the few others remained at the foot of the circular stairwell. He opened the door with his left hand and went in closing it behind him.

Cath was just lying on the futon crying and trembling. She seemed smaller somehow. The room was nearly pitch dark except for the light from the rising moon coming in the window. He watched as a beam of it came from the ceiling and struck the crystal suspended above them. Stars filled the room.

“Cath?” He quietly moved closer to her. He didn’t want to startle or scare her since he didn’t know what might be wrong.

“I’m a good girl, father…” She pushed her face into the pillow. “I won’t disobey anyone.”

“Cath, it’s me, Nic.” He knelt beside the futon in front of her. He could see her eyes staring at him. They glowed like a cat’s in the dim moonlight.

“You’re hurt.” She wiped her tears away and leaned up on her arm. “Who hurt you?”

“I grabbed a hot pan.” He gently caressed her face and sensing the wetness of her tears. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“I’m sorry I entered your room.”

“It is your house after all.” Nic laid down beside her on the futon. He looked into her eyes and wondered if his looked like hers in the dim light. “Are you all right?”

“I will be. I get like this at times when I go down to the basement. It scares me–the stuff down there. This room even scares me. Too many memories…”

“Why run here?”

“It was the place my mother put me when I was curious about things I shouldn’t be, like the basement. My father had the windows boarded up to make it like a prison. My mother didn’t approve and made the stars for me in the room. Those are some of the good things I remember about her.”

“I’m sorry that stuff happened to you.”

“I’m not. It made me stronger and not need people or rely on them for anything. The times I spent here were hard and lonely but safe for me. Safe from them both… I guess that is why I came here. I wanted that safety again.”

“Can I stay safe with you? The stars make the room seem peaceful and quiet.” The darkness and the calming effect of the stars made his migraine lessen.

“I’d like that, I think… I’ve never shared this room before with anyone. Doesn’t your hand hurt a lot?”

“Not too much, really. Once you’ve lived in constant pain for a long while, you tend to ignore it more than you should.” Nic watched her take his right wrist and place her fingertips on it. The pain lessened. “What are you doing?”

“Taking some of your pain. It is the least I can do for you. Mistress, that hurts.”

“Stop it.” He pulled his wrist away from her. He observed her relax again. “You said you never shared this room before. Am I the first to be in it even alone?”

“Yes.” Cath smiled at him and moved a little closer. “I didn’t know you then though and didn’t know my horses would like you. Had I known that, I would have fixed up the room in the barn.”

“Cath, how did you take my pain just then?”

“Not really sure. My mother forced me to learn it. I used to take the pain from her at times when father got too rough…” She heard his breathing change and sensed he was asleep. She took his left hand, laced her fingers between his and held it. Closing her eyes, she wanted to protect him from being hurt by anyone but wondered if she could control what she was.


This lets you start to wonder about the little mystery I have set up in the book.  The revelation just might surprise most of you.

Tune in on Halloween for a special story for that day.

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