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This is a little story I wrote.  It has been edited and polished since then.  I even changed the title.  I am allowing all to read it as my Christmas and Holiday gift to you.  (Pic above from a friend. 🙂 )

Happiness Found

By Damian Bloodstone (damianbloodstone@gmail.com)

Copyright © 11/3/2012 All Rights Reserved. This cannot be copied in whole or in part without the author’s sole express permission.

She glanced at the man before her in line with his single frozen meal on the checkout belt. He was average, maybe slightly older, and from her building. His outfit intrigued her. He wore a heavy parka against the cold of the season but wearing a modern kilt similar to those in the clubs. She wished to know more but knew her legal limitations.

“Alone?” she asked.


“I always fix such a big dinner on Christmas that I eat for a week.” She smiled as he crossed his arms over his chest. She observed an unspoken truth with his noting the amount of food she had behind his meager holiday feast. His hand tried to hide the red food card. She knew that he couldn’t even afford much with that card and had to be alone. “I know you are… Why don’t you come up? I live only two levels above you.”

“I really can’t. It wouldn’t be proper… It would be a lot of trouble and could be trouble for us both.”

“It’s no trouble.” She gripped his arm when he began to turn away. “Besides, it’s Christmas.  I doubt security would mind. We are both alone. I have all this and would love to share it with you.” She noted his eyes running down her faux black fur coat. The heat rose to her face and she knew she was blushing. It was a gaze that she knew from the clubs that mental undressing of a person.

“I thought…”

“No, just me and my starving kitty.” She picked up the frozen meal and set it behind her things. “We’ll have a feast Christmas Day starting at 7 am with fresh cinnamon buns, apartment 3100-AT. No excuses…”

“I can’t return…”

“Quite,” she whispered as she leaned in close to him, placing her finger lightly on his lips. “Help me bag it and carry it home.”

After all the food was scanned, she watched him bag things, separating the frozen and cold from the standard things. He was very careful with everything. His hands were delicate and skilled. When he took out thick gloves, she knew he took care of them for a reason.

He paused when he lifted his packaged frozen meal.

“I thought you could eat that tomorrow on Christmas Eve. I have to work that day.”

“Thank you…”

She swiped the green food card and noticed his eyes lock onto it. Most that used this small store outside of the tower had to due to the prices here. It was one reason she came from the tower. She could buy twice the amount here on her credits.

She studied him helping her with the bags. He was stronger than he appeared, carrying most of them. The heavy coat cloaked his body in mystery but the kilt revealed powerful legs. “Thank you for the help.”

“I would have done it if you only asked. You didn’t have to buy my dinner for tomorrow.”

“I grew up on level 2200 of the tower.” She glanced at him and could see him visually questioning her. “My family didn’t have much but always saw that I had everything they could give me. The last thing they did was give me a way out of those levels. They got me into a program for the gifted, and I became a Researcher in the Medical Branch. What do you do?”

“I’m not that healthy so they moved me to the disabled level. It is how I afford anything. I also write some legal papers for people on my level and small stories. Nothing published. I hate level 2900. We are locked in like animals.”

“I know, but you are still prized as a male.” She watched him pause as snow began to fall. “You aren’t marked as those on level 2800 for harvesting at least.”

“No, but it’s only because of my limited abilities.” He stopped and pulled up the hood on his parka, revealing an O2 enclosure hood.

She didn’t comment or stare as others did walking down the sidewalk. She knew why he needed it. The research at the Med Center on the blood imbalance was one of her projects.

They stopped at the exterior lift to the tower. Waited in the long line and finally got in as the snow began to fall harder.

She led him into the lift, observing him and his stance, body language and nervous eyes. He removed the hood and seemed to breathe normally. The experience of him pressed next to her was causing that little tingle of excitement with the dose of fear even while surrounded by this crowd in the lift.  As it stopped, she took her bags from him and gave him the packaged dinner.

“Relax,” she said softly near his ear. “Come up Christmas Day, no one will know our secret.” Leaving the lift, she detected the small smile from him. She watched him take the lift back down, a perfect gentleman.

She walked down the mini-street until reaching her apartment. Her arms were tired from carrying the heavy bags that he had been carrying. She sank against her apartment door, ran through everything in her mind once again. He’s perfect. I shouldn’t worry about this decision.


He came from the lift, easily found the apartment door and knocked twice. The idea of going to someone’s place for breakfast was unsettling. This level was off limits and it could mean a demerit on his record if anyone found him here. The door opened. There she stood in a black velvet catsuit and high heels with the black lace mask and ears on her head.

“This starving kitty wants to get some Christmas presents early.” She pulled him into the apartment and slowly coaxed him back toward her bedroom door.

He paused at the bedroom doorway. His innocence revealed. She frightened him.

“Come,” she whispered. “I chose you.”

Her graceful and taunting form in the black velvet catsuit enthralled him. An unusual musky scent mixed within the lavender and jasmine of her perfume. He had no knowledge of it, but it excited him. Afraid to touch this beauty before him with her sleek and muscular body and eyes that flashed green, cat-like, behind that mask, he trembled.  How could she have known my fantasies?

“No need to rush,” she whispered. “The buns won’t be ready for the oven for an hour. They have to rise, like other things.” She pressed her hips into him but sensed little reaction yet.

Their eyes betrayed nervousness and apprehension, twins of innocence. Their bodies beginning to excite the other’s understood what was about to happen. It was a mutual giving and taking of something so precious.

Her delicate, concealed face came closer. Her breath from blood red lips caressed his. Eyes staring into the other’s for unspoken permission slowly granted upon allowing that first, tender kiss on his lips.

Slowly, he returned her missive, opening that first holiday seal to her desires and his own. He was hers and she was his, that precious gift of Christmas innocence.

Her fingers slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Each touch of her made fire through him. Her nearness, primal heat, made him nervous and aroused. She pulled up his shirt and slowly pushed it from his shoulders, tossing it to a chair. Her hands slowly caressed his chest, exploring the fine soft hairs and the contours of his muscles. She purred. These sensations were unusual and so primal that he couldn’t think.

She moved her hands to his belt and slowly unfastened it. Her nimble fingers unfastened the button and slowly pulled down the zipper. He was too nervous and afraid to let his body’s reactions go. Her hand found nothing. He slipped off the slippers and kicked them aside. She moved slowly, kneeling before him. That view of her in this action caused him to pull back, except she held to his pants stopping him.

He gazed into her eyes finding curiosity while she pulled down his pants. Her fingers slipped into his boxers’ waistband and pushed them down as she knelt. Naked before this woman dressed as a cat, he sensed her hands run up his muscular legs. Gently caressed by her breath, he surged toward erection without thought. Those soft, warm hands moved to him, fondling him to his fullest proportion.

“So this is a male’s body,” she said with a husky note. “You are beautiful.”

Her hot breath hit him with each word. Her fingers explored his sac, lifting the weight of it and tenderly caressing the inner orbs. She grasped his hot erection; hearing his breath catch.

Her hot breath hit him with each word. Fear and nervousness held him in check. Her fingertips placed at just the spot, stopped his impending release. He began to cover himself and her hands stopped him.

“No, don’t, darling,” she whispered while rising. “Come…”

He stepped out of the clothes as she led him to the big bed. Her hand took his and led him to the zipper on the cat suit. He couldn’t make himself do it yet. Instead, he placed his hand on her cheek, sensed the soft warmth of her skin. Caressed downward onto the soft velvet, the gentle swell of her small breasts and then his fingers hit those hard button-like nipples. Gently, his fingers spread out and tenderly squeezed her right breast. Her moan startled him but her look of pleasure excited him more. He moved his hand to the zipper and slowly pulled. The soft cry of the teeth parting caused his mind to race. He pushed it slowly off her shoulders and watched as she pulled it from her arms and pushed it from her hips. The cat suit fell and she stood before him in her innocent, naked form.

They stood within arm’s reach. Each body bared, each soul slowly opening to the other. Their eyes took in more than just physical form in those moments of hesitation. Each of them totally aware of only the other. It was the beginnings of a bond forming between them in those unspoken moments of time. A bond of lovers.

She watched as he looked at her, wondering if he had ever seen a real woman before. His hands reached out tenderly and caressed her arms upward, soft fingertips igniting lines of fire everywhere they touched. She gasped. The sensation of another’s hands upon her body was breathtaking. His gentleness was unlike what she had read or seen in the clubs from males. Those wandering hands exploring each part of her upper body stopped on her breasts once more. Fingertips traced her areolae and then lighted on the erect nipples. They gently flicked them before moving on. Heat rushed between her legs as she stepped from the cat suit completely. He reached for her black, lace mask and she pushed his hand away.

“Not yet,” she commanded, wetness running down her inner thighs. She was slowly realizing that he was innocent to sex just as she. It frightened and excited her. “Have you ever seen a woman before?”


“Have you practiced with something other than your hand?” she asked, seeing him glance away smiling embarrassed. She turned his face back to see his eyes. “Let’s get on the bed together.” Getting onto the bed, she watched him stand there.

“Isn’t this illegal for you?” he asked.

“Don’t you want to have sex with me?” she asked in return. Her answer was his moving slowly onto the bed with her. She leaned over to him and kissed him on the lips. Nibbling and suckling them slowly and passionately, she sensed him slowly begin to kiss back. She parted her lips, embracing his, as her sister had taught her, her tongue tenderly grazing them until he quickly pulled away.

“I didn’t know…”

“Let me teach you some things.” She smiled at his innocence at even a simple kiss.

“It was so unusual…”


“Just relax and lie down with me,” she said softly, parting her legs and making room for him. His cock throbbed and she couldn’t hold out for much longer either. She had to know what sex was really like. “Do you know the standard position?”


She placed a pillow under her hips and noticed him staring at her between her legs. “Explore if you wish. I did you before.”

She watched him carefully move his hands along her legs. This thumbs caressing her inner calves and then upward to her inner thighs. She moaned and let him take control. Something inside of her told her to submit. Just submit. She gazed up at the mirror made into the bed canopy., watching him move slowly toward her. Closer until she sensed his hot breath on her thigh. She closed her eyes at the sensation of his soft lips kissing her inner thigh. His tender, soft hands explored her upward, not moving to her sex but her hips, brushing over her pubic hair and then rubbing deep into her belly with those powerful thumbs.

His breath hitting her outer lips made her jump. When she sensed his hands gone, she watched him begin to touch her and then pull back a few times.

“It’s all right,” she whispered, “just be gentle.” When his fingers hit the softness of her inner lips it was as if her world exploded in sensations. The tenderness of his touch mixed with the tracing of his fingertips over her ignited her body on fire. Her belly tingled and tightened, something it had never done from her inner labia touched by her fingers. She was unprepared for his fingertips parting her inner lips and seeker her clit. Crying out, she sensed his fingers pulled back as she arched to them. “Gentle, but more right there,” she whispered stretching her body toward him.

His fingers traced again over the other side of her inner lips; upward to the hood of her clit. She gasped. His fingertip connected with that most sensitive spot. The combination of having thought of this since last night and now his fingers touching her were driving her further. Her body tighten harder and harder. She sensed his fingers move slowly in small circles around the tip of her clit. They caressed it, brushing quickly with a feather’s touch over it, making her shudder inside while she tightened more.

Moaning and mewing softly, she let the pleasure carry her. It was nearly blinding as he continued. She closed her eyes and sensed his fingertips move so his thumb was over the tip of her clit. Those fingers suddenly pushed in a V on the interior of her inner labia. She screamed. Her first climax to come from another’s touch. His fingers vanished and she sensed him moving on the bed.

She hadn’t thought much about what this part might be like. Watching him move up over her, feeling his body touch hers, his thighs touching her inner thighs, it scared her. He wasn’t bigger than her but just the position frightened her now. She placed her hands on his chest and sensed him pause.

“Am I doing this wrong?”

“No, it’s just…” She looked into his eyes and let him lean over her. He didn’t let his weight onto her as she had thought. He was very close to her, so close his body touched against her. She looked into those eyes and sensed him touch her. She couldn’t breathe. The soft touch of the tip to her opening was gentle, not rushed or hurried. He backed off once, and then she was touched again. It made her want to arch. She held still for him. Pressure, steady and not pulling back suddenly until pain washed over her. She cried out as the experience hurt more than she had imagined. He pushed and she sensed him slide deeply into her slickness. That filling warmth of him inside of her changed even the pain to a little pleasure. When she experienced hot, surging wetness and his cock lurching, she knew it wouldn’t be over soon.

“Are you ok still?” he asked softly.

“Yes,” she replied, tears still blinding her slightly. She smiled up at him and realized it didn’t hurt much anymore. Him holding still within her, made her feel a different connection, something deeper than just a physical joining of bodies.

Each remained motionless, staring into each other’s eyes. Both experienced the strange sensation, a warming in their chests, an opening of more than just their body to the other. Each breathed harder. Closed their eyes. Sensing with their mind the others body.

Moving his hips just a little, he sensed her more now. The clasping, slick warmth of her body, he moaned and heard her sigh in return. She was so warm and soft, unlike the practice things at all, even if made to be like a real female. He leaned in closer and kissed her on the lips. Hers opened to him and her tongue graze his lips. Shocked only a little as she pushed between his lips, her soft wet tongue moved to touch his. He kissed and moved slowly within her. He could feel the tingling begin on his cock up from the root. It signaled what he couldn’t control and knew would hurt and scare her. It scared him too. He moved his hips faster and that exquisite sensation of her body holding to him was exquisite. Thrusting faster, he experienced his body hitting hers as he drove deep. He sensed the tingling and tightening in his body reach the highest point. The pleasure was more than he had ever experienced. He could feel her and sense her almost. Every breath and small shudder made him wish to move but he wanted to remain motionless in her loving warmth. When her arms wrapped around him and legs pulled him closer, it just happened again. He nuzzled her face as she stroked his back.

“You have to learn to let go,” she whispered arching to him from her own orgasm. “I’ve waited so long for this and you.”

“It is so different with you.” He looked at her smile with those green eyes flashing beneath the mask. “I never knew it could be like this and not just something bio-mechanical to relieve the drives with a moment of pleasure.”

She stroked his face and kissed him lightly. “It was so much more wasn’t it?” Letting him go, the experience of his cock slowly shrinking inside of her caused a sadness in her. He began to move off and she hugged him to her. “Don’t, not yet. Just lay with me, not like they teach.”  She looked into his eyes and noticed the confusion there.

“That sex isn’t it?”

“Yes, but more too.” She kissed his neck and nuzzled into it. Slowly she turned with him so they laid on their sides facing each other. Everything about him was an experience. The scent of him, that touching of his skin to hers, the soft hairs on his body caressing her as his hands moved and explored her again. She placed her hand on his chest, resting it there and playing with the fine hairs on him. His hand moved to her folds and fingers found her clit. She moved toward him while crying out softly, her vision blurring in the pleasure. As the waves and pulsing slowed, she looked at him noticing concern. “It makes me happy.”

“I don’t know what to do…”

“Just lay here beside me.” She snuggled up to him as he held to her.


He stretched the bed empty beside him. Her body’s presence lingered that musky scent, perfume and the warmth.

She entered the room with a plate and a large mug. Cat ears her only outfit, a graceful angelic form of innocent nakedness and sultry desire. She set the plate on the bed and mug on the small table. Pushing his legs apart, she sat down close to him as he rose to meet her with more than just his torso. “Naughty aren’t you?” she asked smiling.

“No, just excited by you and breakfast.”

The smell of the warm, Christmas, cinnamon buns made him remember they hadn’t eaten today. They dripped rich, sticky icing passionately peppered with red sugar.

He reached for a bun sprinkled with love.

She stopped him, pulled off a piece, icing her lips. “Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything…” She glanced down at his rampant cock, smiling devilishly. “Well, maybe not everything nice,” she said putting down the piece of bun as she kissed him again. Lifted slightly by him and her own grasping of his neck, she sensed his cock find her but slide away. She positioned him and slowly let her body down onto it. The sensation was so much more than she had ever experienced before. The warm firmness of him sliding deep into her and that filling that he made happen. She trembled slightly as their bodies met. “Stay with me like this as I feed you. I want to know we are one.”

“I’ll try.”

She kissed him letting him taste the icing on her lips again. As she pulled away, she placed the piece of bun against his lips, feeding him delicately. Each breath she took made her sense him more within her as they ate. She leaned over to get the mug of tea and jumped at the exquisite experience of her body inside rubbing the crown of him. It was as if they fitted together so perfectly but her leaning made it rub. She smiled at him again and moved the opposite way. Slowly she began to sway and move her torso hearing his breath catch as his hands gripped her thighs. The small surge from him made her smile. She became motionless. “Not yet…” She wanted to extend this pleasure for them both. They ate the second bun and then shared the rest of the tea. The unique feeling of his cock shrinking and then becoming erect again within her made her moan.

She moved her torso slower and sensed the rubbing happen again. The sensation of his firm but soft crown against her of firmness was unusual and almost painful at times but enjoyable. When she noticed his breathing quicken, she stopped again.

“Don’t stop…”

“Not yet,” she said looking into his eyes deeply. She explored his face with her fingertips, running them along his skin tenderly finding little places that caused his eyes to close. Moving to his chest, she realized that his breasts were all muscle but his nipples might have been smaller and less developed but could be excited all the same. She sensed him surge within her as she traced and fondled them.

It surprised her when he began to touch her face as she had his. The delicateness of his touch and tenderness of it caused her body to tighten around his cock. His fingers found every place that she enjoyed being touched on her face and neck. When his hands went lower to her breasts, she watched him pause until she smiled. Those soft fingertips and strong hands explore them, lifted them and moved as if trying to find their secret. She sensed them tighten and swell a little as they blushed in excitement. As his fingertips circled her nipples, she was losing control of herself. She softly moaned in pleasure as the buildup to her orgasm continued. His cock was surging at times against her firmness and making such lovely sensations run up into her mind. When he lightly pinched her nipples, they shot jolts of pleasure in both directions. It was too much for her. She cried out as her climax took control. The rubbing of him by her firmness caused him to lurch and then surge inside of her as warmth came from him. She hugged him and sensed it returned. As her orgasm waned, she sensed a closeness with him that lingered this time.

“I want to stay here forever,” he whispered.

“I do too,” she said sensing his cock slowly shrinking from her. She moved slightly turning them on their sides. As they kissed lightly, she knew now that she had loved him since she first saw him. She prayed it was this way for him.

“I love you…”

Those whispered words to her made her world complete. Closing her eyes, she nuzzled against his face and neck. He was the best gift she could have and now she knew he was hers.


Check back for the continuation of this love story in the making. TTFN…