One Year of Letters

This week’s guest writer is Damian Bloodstone- Damian is a simple man going to survive this life trying to find love, happiness and joy. The only thing making it worthwhile are good friends, his dog, and his writings. Dear Damian,


Dear Damian-

You sit there typing and dreaming of things all the time, creating worlds and characters that seem all too real. You never go out to meet others, except when needed. You shut yourself off in your imaginary universe to explore.

Damian, you need to live life. You have done your duty to family, friends and even strangers. Please, let go of the past, get rid of those things that haunt you. Push others aside for yourself.

Never once have you done something to know life. Unless you spread your wings now, age will creep up and hold you in place. You have run from uncomfortable things most of your…

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