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Ciar, conflicted and questioning his own desires, lost everything to the mega city. He wants to get free of the harsh laws. Alone and tortured by his own twisted code, he wishes to find something lacking in his life. With his tiny house and transport, he escapes to the mountains. There he finds his solace in the peaceful surroundings only to find her. Edyn becomes both his storm and silence but can he accept the very thing he is truly running from?

Edyn, an alien hybrid, tried to escape her past from the courtesan Houses in the mega city. The Holy Light Church guided her once and wishes her return but with a price. The stories of someone like her only drive the hunters after her. Fleeing to what was once home, she finds only those things causing her run away seasons ago. Unable to go back she must look forward by accepting herself and what she most fears. When he steps forward as her white knight can she allow her heart to open and find what was missing for so long?

Two people lost in ways that neither will admit. Trapped together by fate, can each learn the real meaning of unconditional love? Will the Day of Enlightenment bring them together or to ruin?

This isn’t your usual sci-fi romance. It weaves a world around you that you won’t soon forget. Erde, a planet where race is not the issue but species. Religions divide the people, and harsh governments and corporations battle for control over them.

Warning: Adult situations, forced seduction, intersex character, and graphic sex. Rated Sextreme by the publisher. MF was never like this before.

Day of Enlightenment

Read the first chapter at Day of Enlightenment – First Chapter

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