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Am I Real

Am I Real

A man troubled by his profession and the things he has to do in it is slowly falling apart. Average people shy from him because he’s a hunter and a killer. People who hire him see him as an outcast but an unavoidable necessity. He has no one.

A chance encounter brings a woman into his life. Dirty, worn clothes, and all, she brings protective instincts out in him. He takes her home, cleans her up, and she begins to seduce him. Are his assumptions about her true? Or will they discover the true meaning of “Am I Real?”

It is the book mentioned in USA Today, Happy Ever After section, Am I Real.

Am I Real gets a 5 Star review on Goodreads:

Excerpt 1 from Am I Real

“I’m not,” Faith said. She looked up into his eyes, slowly leaning upward, lightly kissing him on the lips. His lips were warm and soft without any forcefulness of those that constantly wanted a female. It was as if he had never known a kiss meant for pleasure from another. “I know what I’m doing… believe me.” She looked into his eyes, seeing slight fear and wonder.

“I thought you told me that you were in a Female’s Group House until six months ago,” he said.

“I was, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t and didn’t teach things to each other about how to love someone,” Faith said. She glanced at the buttons on his shirt and deftly unbuttoned each with one hand. She leaned up on her other arm to watch his reactions. Pulling his shirt up, she noticed the holster holding the big pistol on his side and paused a moment. The hardness had made her wonder what was there. Trying to conceal a yawn, she couldn’t do it and noticed him smile at her.

“You need sleep and so do I,” Rus said.

“Please, let me just lie with you here for a little longer until I fall asleep,” Faith said. “You make me feel so safe.” She cuddled up closer to him, slowly closing her eyes. He couldn’t deny her, she knew, and needed this comfort and safety after living on the streets for that time.

“All right, for a little while,” Rus said. He looked at the vid trying to get his mind off her warm skin of her arm touching his bare chest beneath open the shirt. The feeling of her small, soft body cuddled up against him with that bare hip and leg draped over his legs made him feel things that he questioned. After a little while, he sensed her relax against him. She was asleep. He touched the heater button on the love seat’s controls and soft warmth came from the chair. The only bad thing was that he found he didn’t want to move and wake her up. It was so nice to have her against him and yet, he knew it couldn’t be. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep. Sleep should have been impossible since she was a stranger. For some reason sleep came easily with her snuggled up beside him.

Excerpt 2 from Am I Real

Landing in the City, Faith was very nervous at the sight of the Elites and massive buildings. She knew what the Elite would do to one like her if she were found here without ID and papers. It wouldn’t be pleasant. The Elite were god-like and you just didn’t mix with them, unless you wanted to be a slave to them. She noticed someone glance at her through the vehicle window and turned away. “I don’t think I should be here, Rus,” she said.

“Nonsense, you can be wherever I desire, and I desire you here with me,” Rus said. He knew the Elites and knew why she feared them. He also knew that she was safe with him.

Faith watched him get out of the vehicle and come around to her side. He opened the door for her to get out. The blast of cold air made her shiver. She took his outstretched hand helping her from the vehicle. She crossed her arms trying to remain warm in the cold wind. His coat opened and it enveloped her. His warmth was trapped there as he held it around her. It covered her. She couldn’t see out of it or be seen, except for her feet. The sidewalk was freezing to her. It was dark, almost frightening under his coat but his scent calmed her fears, his warmth making her relax just a little.

“Walk with me,” Rus said. “It is only a few steps to the store. It’s warm in there.”

Faith walked with him, concealed under his long coat from the cold, blowing winds. She heard what sounded like a metal door shut suddenly. “I told you they wouldn’t let me in,” she said from under the coat. She knew he used his special ID by the coat moving. Then she heard the metal door slide back.

“Well, I just solved that. Move forward,” he said, moving her forward by pushing against her wrapped inside his coat.

She took ten more steps and then felt the coat unfastened from around her allowing her to see at last and have her freedom from him. The sight was thrilling. It was a woman’s shop. Dresses and all types of clothing were on display models. The models gave her the shivers. She turned away. Faith pressed herself to him and hid her face against his chest.

“What scared you,” Rus asked gently stroking her face, lifting it to look into those eyes.

“The models look too real,” she replied. “They are staring at me.” Faith didn’t like them. Their eyes seemed to follow her.

“Well, they are androids, older models, that they use for clothing displays,” Rus said. “There isn’t anything to be frightened about. I’m here. They can’t move.” Rus flicked one with his finger. It blinked, unable to do anything else in response.

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